An Introduction to Zija International

The Precursor to our awesome company - Why are we here?  We are here to help!

Zija Miracle Foundation

Our Great company giving back to the community

Ripstix Advertisements

Ripstix Supplements - Fuel / Hydrate / Ignite / Recover

Ripstix Recover

What is Ripstix Recover?

The Science behind Ripstix Hydrate

Dr. Plant goes through the benefits and science behind Ripstix Hydrate

The little White Box

Information on the "little White Box" - aka - the basic 30

How to use ZIJA Products to maximize your weight loss

Dr Plant goes through all the steps on how to use the basic 30!

Zija Impact - Amazing transformations

Check out this great video


All about our GenM Beauty Care products

Clinical Grade

How our essential Oils are CLINICAL GRADE

Zija Opportunity

Listen to understand how to get involved in this business