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Ripstix Ignite

Ripstix; ignite; Thermogenic; blood flow; electrolyte; power; pre-workout

 We understand the need to get the most out of each exercise experience. Whether it be running, biking, swimming, lifting, or however you choose to get out and move, Zija formulated Ripstix Ignite. This powerful pre-workout supplement drink mix helps initiate blood flow, heighten thermogenic response, and increase metabolic performance.

Ripstix Fuel

Ripstix; Fuel; Electrolyte; intense training; heavy sweat; magnesium; sodium; all natural

 To maximize workout results and help the body perform optimally, Zija formulated Ripstix Fuel. This electrolyte-packed drink mix responds quickly and effectively to the rigors of all training levels, from light to intense.

Ripstix Recover - New Flavor*

L-Glutamine; BCAA; Coconut water; berry; Glucosamine; D-Ripose; Muscle recovery; less sore; recvery


Ripstix Recover provides its users with the necessary components to recuperate quickly and effectively. Its key ingredients provide powerful antioxidants that help flush lactic acid from muscle tissue after physical activity before it turns into a reactive oxygen species. This allows muscles to feel less sore, recover quickly, and experience increased growth.

The drink mix contains L-Glutamine, BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), and Coconut Water in an ideal ratio which helps muscle respond positively to oxidative stress and to the pumping, stretching, and tearing that occurs during physical activity. Additionally, Ripstix Recover’s Glucosamine and D-Ribose play vital roles in joint health and muscle energy.

Ripstix Recover is the supplement that curbs the wear and tear of daily living and physical activity so you feel revived, ready, and refreshed to hit it hard next time.

Ripstix Limitless


 Ripstix Limitless has no added sugar and helps support normal fluid balance with coconut juice powder. D-Ribose is added to support ATP production and reduce fatigue, while GABA and Moringa Blend gives you the edge you need—mentally and physically! 

Ripstix Hydrate

hydrate; berry; safe for kids; glacial; tastes like candy; little sugar; better than gatorade

Besides carbonation, artificial coloring, and an excess of other synthetic ingredients, a typical soda contains 15-18 teaspoons of sugar per serving and upwards of 240 calories. To help address the soda epidemic, we formulated Ripstix Hydrate (Berry) and Ripstix Hydrate Glacier At just 20 calories per packet—1/10th the amount found in a large soda—it is a superior alternative to the sugar-laden beverages so prevalent today

Ripstix Performa Blend

protein; all natural; creatine; 30g protein; moringa; pea; price; pumpkin seed; recovery; growth

 Ripstix® Performa-Build Protein was expertly formulated with a precise balance of nutrients to show the results of your hard work. Each serving of Performa-Build Protein packs 30 grams of high-quality, performance-based plant protein. The formula includes Zija’s exclusive Moringa Protein and other valuable ingredients such as pea protein, rice protein, and pumpkin seed protein (as Smooth Protein™). These ingredients provide a complete profile of essential amino acids to promote lean muscle growth, recovery, and a complete body transformation.

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