About Us

Our Experience


Hello.  My Name Is Cliff and I was introduced into this product back in January, 2018.  A friend of mine saw that I was suffering from various issues - anxiety, depression, weight gain, alcohol, high blood pressure and expressed deep concern.  

She introduced me to a product that would end up changing my life.  
I followed the plan for a '90 day challenge' where I would take these supplements that would help me out, get my mind back on track and back to where I needed to be.  

I acquired a 90 day kit where I was taking the Supermix, XMBurn, Trim & Tone as well as the Teas (premium / Daily), which ultimately changed my life.

I was able to get myself from 199.8lbs down to a healthier 163.2lbs in 3 short months!  (these have now been bundled together to create basic 30!

Going from the guy who was too depressed to someone who was now healthy was a big change for me and for my life that I decided to get involved so that I could help others make great choices for their bodies as well.  

This is how I started my journey into Zija International.

Remember, Life is a challenge, and not everything will fall into place.  You need to know when to ask for help.  My team and I are here to help you find your happy place.  

Our Approach


I am not here to sell you on joining the company; but to learn more about what we have to offer.  

Our products are all natural products sourced from the best materials and ingredients from all around the world.  Our SuperMix blend consists of years of training and processing to make it perfect.  The science behind our essential oils are CLINICAL grade, whereas you can either use them to diffuse, inhale, or even consume.  Many are Children / Adult and even Pet friendly.

Our Hair and Skin Care personal care are made with premium and natural ingredients.  No Paraffin, sulfides, no artificial colors, and we are it is backed by decades of experience!

Our Sports supplements line is called Ripstix - Check out the videos section for more information on all of our products.

Afterwards, come back, ask questions and learn how we are a company that is here to stay with these amazing products.

Why Us?


We are the one of the top leaders in the industry with some amazing products.  This is your chance to be financially free; to set your own schedules and hours and cut the chains from corporate 'America'.