Official Zija International Return Policy




  1. All Customers and/or Distributors have a thirty (30) day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on up to 250 PV of their initial order. The initial order is defined as the first order of product(s) made on the account. The Company will refund 100 percent of the purchase price (less shipping costs) on up to 250 PV of any initial product order. All unused product(s) must be returned by a traceable means of delivery to the Company. The Customer and/or Distributor is responsible for shipping charges to return the product(s). Zija will refund a maximum of 90 percent of the purchase price (less shipping costs) of any Initial Order in excess of 250 PV. Product returned in excess of 250 PV must be unopened, resalable and follow the Return Policy and Procedure. To initiate the refund process, Customers and/or Distributors must call the Customer Service Department within thirty (30) days of placing their initial order and request a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. All unused product(s) must be returned by a traceable means of delivery to the Company within fourteen (14) days after contacting Customer Service. Upon receipt, the return will be noted and a refund will be issued within thirty (30) days. Any second order, made after the initial order, follows all rules applying to the Return Policy.Cooling Off Period: The cooling off period shall begin the day that the Customer and/or Distributor makes their initial product order. The Customer and/or Distributor will have three (3) business days to call the Company’s Customer Service Department at (888)-924-6872 and cancel the order for a full 100 percent refund plus shipping charges. The Policies & Procedures three (3) business days will be defined as the office hours of the Customer Service Department.


  1. Returns on Initial Orders are covered in the Initial Order Guarantee section above. Any subsequent product orders must be returned based upon this Return Policy. Distributors and/or Customers are responsible for the cost incurred in shipping product back to the Company's headquarters by a traceable means after following the procedures outlined in the Return Policy.
  2. For product to be returned, the product must be in resalable condition. To be classified as "resalable", the product must be unopened and unencumbered, with current labels and seals intact and in good condition. Product is not regarded as "resalable" if the shelf life or expiration date is within one hundred eighty (180) days or six (6) months of expiration, if the product(s) seals have been broken or tampered with, if the item has been discontinued, or if a particular item has been originally sold under a clearly defined, discontinued, seasonal, or special promotion. Product condition will be determined after thorough examination by the Company.
  3. The costs of refused orders may be deducted from the refund amount. Shipping, handling and customs fees/charges are nonrefundable. Any set offs, Commissions, bonuses or rebates paid to the Distributor or the Distributor's Upline that are attributable to the returned product will be deducted from the Distributor's or the Upline's accounts until all set offs, Commissions, bonuses or rebates are recovered. A "charge-back" transaction will appear as a debit on the Distributor's or Upline's next Commission Report.
  4. Refund guidelines for non-terminating accounts are the following:
    1. Product return requests made within 30 days of the original purchase date will receive a 90% refund of the purchase price (less shipping costs).
    2. Product return requests made after 30 days of the original purchase date will not be refunded unless the Distributor is terminating their Distributorship (see Section 29(G) below).
    3. A specific product type may only be refunded once. Subsequent attempts to return the same product type will be denied.
    4. Returns are subject to the 70% Rule.
    5. No more than two (2) Zija Rewards Purchase orders may be refunded.
  5. If this Return Policy conflicts with a particular law of jurisdiction, where a specific buy-back requirement has been enacted by the law, the Company shall repurchase resalable product(s) in accordance with the applicable statute.
  6. Exceptions to the Return Policy may be applied by the Company in instances in which extenuating circumstances may require. If, in Zija's sole discretion, any product was ordered in an effort to Qualify a Leg or take advantage of a promotion, such product(s) are not returnable and no refunds will be given.
  7. Product Buy Back for Terminating Distributorship: The Company will repurchase, on reasonable commercial terms, currently marketable inventory in the possession of a Distributor and purchased by that Distributor who voluntarily terminates their Distributorship. For purposes of this policy, "Reasonable Commercial Terms" shall include the repurchase of marketable inventory within twelve (12) months from the Distributor's date of purchase at ninety (90) percent of the Distributor's original net cost, less shipping costs, appropriate set offs (e.g. Commissions, rebates, promotions) and legal claims if any. A refund will not be given until Zija has received a notice of termination from the Distributor or until the Distributor has been terminated by Zija. Multiple order refunds are also subject to a prorated value of Volume already paid out and now unable to be collected because of Upline Distributor cancellations, inactivity, and non-commissions being earned.
  8. Returns and exchanges on promotional sales tools and marketing materials may be classified as "resalable" if currently being offered for sale by the Company. This condition will be determined after examination by the Company. The Distributor will then be refunded ninety (90) percent of the net cost of the materials, less shipping costs.
  9. The Yearly Renewal/Membership Fee ($20 USD) is non-refundable after 30 days from billing. If an order has taken place since the renewal has occurred, the fee is non-refundable.
  10. Zija Rewards Premium subscription Cancellation and Refund Policy: Please contact Customer Service directly to cancel a purchased Rewards Premium subscription and request a refund. If cancelled within 30 days, the Company will refund the subscription fee, minus any benefits already used including: shipping costs, taxes, fees, free Zija Rewards Points awarded, additional Zija Rewards Points earned, etc. If cancelled after 30 days, no refund will be given.